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Products & Services

**All the products produced, supplied, outsourced or installed by Hydron Bangladesh are approved by the Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) to ensure reliability, sustainability and quality.**

Residential Systems

We provide solar power systems designed for residential customers who desire great aesthetics and high performance. We combine the superior look of building-integrated solar power technologies with the energy delivery of standard sets of modules. The modules come in dark colored films with silver aluminum frame, therefore, enhancing the outlook of your façade. Our cells provide excellent performance in hot and sunny conditions.

Commercial & Industrial Systems

The solar power systems we provide for commercial establishments are designed to maximize value for customers with large facilities. Our systems are suitable for both rooftop and ground-mounted commercial installations. One of the most important aspects of our systems is the optimum usage of space in your premises. Large systems can be integrated with your energy sources through a common grid or a backup bank.

Utility-Scale Solar Power Systems

We offer utility customers and independent power producers (IPPs) with complete PV system solutions, including project design, procurement, and installation and commissioning, technical expertise, technological upgrades, as well as operations and maintenance for the life of the project.

Solar Modules

Our systems consist of PV modules which use advanced semiconductor technology that offers enhanced suitability for affordable and efficient solar power systems. It ascertains the lowest carbon emission and maximum sunlight absorption. We offer proven products for integrated solar solutions, including modules and utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our modules are mainly of two types: Polycrystalline & Monocrystalline.

Other Features:

  • Irradiance: 1000 W/m2, Module temp: 25°C
  • Normal 24V DC for standard output.
  • High Efficiency
  • Outstanding low light performance
  • High Transmission Tempered Glass
  • Rugged design to withstand high wind
  • ISO9001:2008(Quality Management System Certified
  • Product Quality Warranty & Product Liability Insurance guarantees end users’ benefit.
  • Pressure and snow load
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Design to meet unique demand of customers
  • 20 year module output warranty
  • Quality and safety
  • Test Standards: CE, IEC 61215:2005
  • Factory Tested (Sun Simulator Tested)

Solar Batteries

We provide off-grid systems with solar (Deep Cycle) batteries which are a key component in any renewable energy system. It acts as the energy bank and provides the necessary backup for the system in absence of primary power source.

Nominal voltage 12 Volt
Floating voltage 2.23 ± 0.02 Volt @ 25° C
Equalizing voltage 2.33- 2.4 Volt @ 25° C
Positive plate Tubular
Negative plate Pasted Flat
Electrolyte Dilute Sulphuric Acid
Container Poly Propylene Container
Charging efficiency 97 %

Other Features:

  • Low self discharge
  • Low internal resistance
  • Long life
  • Minimum maintenance
  • High rate of discharge

Solar Charge Controller

Hydron BD produces highly efficient solar charge controller allowing total customization to support individual off-grid systems. It uses high-end technology to ensure efficient charging of the battery bank and prevent overcharging thus, elongating the battery life. Our charge controllers are programmed to maintain a discharge rate of 60% which is in accordance to the requirement of Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL).

Upon individual demand, we also provide maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controllers that is able to convert excess voltage into amperage. Solar panels can deliver far more voltage than is required to charge the batteries. By converting the excess voltage into amps, the charge voltage can be kept at an optimal level while the time required to fully charge the batteries is reduced. Lower voltage in the wires running from the solar panels to the charge controller results in higher energy loss in the wires than higher voltage.

All the charge controllers included in our solar power systems are designed to prevent reverse-current flow and can control voltage ranging within 12-100V.

Solar Inverter

Our systems consist of highly reliable DC-AC solar inverters both of pure sine wave and modified sine wave. The embedded technology ensures operation at the highest efficiency at all times, independently of string length and temperature.

Hydron’s inverters are designed to draw energy from battery, manage the battery charge, and export excess energy to the utility grid. These inverters are capable of supplying AC energy to selected loads during a utility outage. The output goes to zero volts for a time before switching positive or negative. It is simple and low cost and is compatible with most electronic devices, except for sensitive or specialized equipment.

We recommend grid-tie inverters for customers requiring large systems. On-grid (grid-tie) systems do not have a battery bank and converts DC-AC directly from solar panels. The electricity gained by the solar modules travel directly through the inverter into the common grid and acts as a secondary grid connection.


Hydron Bangladesh is concerned with providing our customers with the best system in terms of aesthetics, efficiency, design and components. Apart from the products, we also provide consultancy services on renewable energy solutions. The consultants at Hydron are enthusiastic about renewable energy and are more than willing to share their expertise if sought.

After Sales Service

Our operations and maintenance team provides on-demand service with standardized procedures and processes resulting in shorter outages and higher quality and consistency. It includes physical inspection by our technical personnel and monitoring of system performance. Hydron operates and maintains customer facilities to minimize downtime and maximize energy yield.